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Compass for nuclear medecine

Optimize the use of expensive tracer and improve the reproducibility of images acquisitions

Compass for nuclear medecine

The simple and innovative solution to orchestrate your clinical pathways and workflows

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Business Process Modeling and Mining

By analyzing the data collected by IT systems in your institution, we can build the structure of your running processes. This process mining technique, will greatly accelerate the identification and the description of the processes. It can also spot bottlenecks, poor performance and unwanted variations occurring at execution.It is a very useful and powerful step in quality improvement approaches like Six Sigma, TQM and Lean Management.

Process Simulation and Optimization

We have developed effective optimization techniques based on simulation. By applying these techniques to your processes, we can help you to increase their efficiency, cut their costs and reduce waste. We have already applied these techniques to solve various problems in hospitals involving patients scheduling, complex tasks planning, expensive resource allocation and consumables sparing.

Enterprise Architecture for Healthcare

Palantiris can effectively help your hospital or healthcare organization to define enterprise-wide views of your architectural landscape, using a standard notation, from the business to the functional and IT side. On basis of such As-Is studies, we help you define, develop and deliver the evolution roadmaps.

Medical Grade Software Development

Based on our highly qualified team with multidisciplinary expertise, we support you in the implementation of web, mobile or desktop applications. We use test-driven agile development methods to produce medical grade high quality results matching exactly your requirements.


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Medical doctor and software engineer

Renaud Florquin

Technical and project leader

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